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Get Ready To Overcome
Your Childbirth Fears!


Claim Your Power and

Feel Excited to Give Birth

The anxiety and fear is getting in the way of enjoying your pregnancy. You find yourself stuck in stressful thoughts about the pregnancy or birth and you wish they would just stop!

Hi, this is Jennifer, the founder and Chief Empathy Officer of ASK Therapy for Moms.


I want to personally take a moment to acknowledge the brave step you just took by taking this self-assessment as a first step towards mental and emotional wellbeing.


Let's jump in and explore your results...


You indicated that you are pregnant and feeling some fear or anxiety about your upcoming birth. You might have had a previous traumatic or difficult birth, past pregnancy losses, or you this is your first birth... the key factor is that you are experiencing anxiety about the big event. The anxiety and fear is getting in the way of enjoying your pregnancy and trusting in the process of birth. You find yourself stuck in stressful thoughts about the pregnancy or birth and you wish they would just stop!


What this tells you is that these stressful thoughts are producing stressful material - feelings, emotions, images, sensations. And all of this stressful material gets trapped within your body, heart, and mind system. The kicker is that you don't know how to metabolize. digest, sort, and resolve the stressful material. So, It keeps you up at night, distracts you during the day, and causes unnecessary panic that is taking up precious energy and distancing you from positive emotions and a calm mind. You just want it to stop.


Most moms I work with just want to relax into their pregnancy, and enjoy it. And they want to feel hopeful and confident about their up coming birth, and some want to experience something different this time around. Mainly, they want to trust that their body can give birth without too much pain or fear. And they want to be an active participant in the process and make informed decisions.  Can you relate? 

The challenge is...


...that many of us do not know what to do with all the stressful material because we were not shown how. And so, we feel trapped in the overwhelming sensations, emotions, and stressful thoughts. This eventually produces the symptoms of anxiety, depression, exhaustion, burnout, chronic pain, illness, and yes, sleep deprivation.

We don't want you to be spinning out all kinds of negative 'what if' scenarios, keeping you up at night and draining you of vital life energy. 


You do not have to remain in overdrive, fear, worry, or distress for the remainder of your prenatal journey. You CAN overcome pregnancy and childbirth fears. I know, because I have been helping moms do exactly this for over twenty years.


If your system is stuck in survival mode due to childbirth or pregnancy fears your first step towards health is to receive the necessary support that will help you digest the material and make sense out of the stressful information from your body, heart, and mind. 

We help you identify the fears and learn how to flow through them to get to the root factor that is contributing to the distress and anxious thoughts. The best part is that we blend both worlds - childbirth and counselling - to offer you a unique service. 

We believe in informed and empowered decision making process. We help you restore your trust in your bodies innate wisdom. We help you make choices that are aligned with your values and hearts desire. We support moms in all paradigms of birthing from free birthing to elective belly birthing. 

Two big questions to ask yourself to get the process rolling (take a moment and write down your answers):

a. What am I hearing myself say about my pregnancy and upcoming birth?

b. What am I hearing myself say, about MYSELF, as it pertains to this situation? (hint: this is usually an I am statement)

Over the next few days you will receive more pieces of inspiration and goodness about prenatal preparation and overcoming childbirth fears.

Ready to get started with a therapist to overcome your childbirth fears  > CLICK HERE

Please note - This assessment and report is not to be used as medical advice. If you are suicidal or at risk of harm, experiencing severe mental distress, or in an abusive or harmful environment please reach out to your local mental health line or hospital immediately. 


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