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Answers to Common Questions

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  • Are Your Services Global?
    Yes but it depends. Currently, we offer counselling and psychotherapy services throughout Canada. Depending on where you live you may or may not qualify for our e-counselling services. We have special consent forms depending on your region and what the provincial rules are. We are striving to bring e-counselling services that cross boarders. We may have to refer you to someone in your local community. For those who are inquirying outside of Canada, we can offer coaching with proper informed consent forms.
  • Will My Health Benefits Cover Your Services?
    Depending on where you are located and what your service provider covers. Depending on where you are located, your health benefits plan may cover our services. You will need to confirm with your health benefit agency. We do not direct bill at this time, but are working towards this option. You can ask your service provider if they cover: Clinical Counsellors with a CCC or RCC; Registered Psychologist; or Registered Social Worker.
  • What are the rates of your services?
    Our rates are similar to standard rates across Canada and depend on designation and experience of our Therapists Our rates are based on standard counselling rates throughout Canada. We offer a full 60 min counselling session ranging between $135 - $200/hour depending on your service provider. We offer financial assistance to 25% of our case load ranging between $100 - $150/hour. Our practicum students rates range between $25 - $75/hour.
  • What is E-Counselling?
    This is how we deliver our therapy services. E-counselling, online therapy, virtual therapy, and telehealth services are terms for the delivery of the serivces. All of our therapy and counselling services are accomplished over the phone or using a secure video platform through JaneApp.
  • Will My Privacy Be Secure?
    Yes, we take this very seriously. We offer phone and/or encrypted video therapy through the server we use: JaneApp (a Canadian platform). They meet all the privacy requirement to offer telehealth services for health professionals. We do not have an in-person clinic at this time.
  • What Does The Childbearing Continuum Include?
    The time period between conception and the first year postpartum. We address reproductive and perinatal mental health challenges as a result of the following: Fertility and conception Adoption and foster parenting Miscarriages Abortion Loss at any stage Unexpected pregnancy Pregnancy complications Childbirth fear Childbirth trauma Unexpected childbirth interventions Immediate postpartum First year postpartum Baby feeding Sleep New parenting Identity changes Re-entering the workplace Relationship challenges
  • What If I Don't Identify or Relate to The Word: Mother?
    We understand that not everyone relates to this word. At ASK Therapy, our staff recognizes that not all people relate to the term 'mother'. Mother is both a noun and a verb. moth . er noun: a woman [person] in relation to her [their] child or children verb: To bring up (a child) with care and affection. If you relate to being a primary caregiver who is in a nurturing role to raise a child with care and affection, we see you as a 'mother'. The term mother is a term we value and many people connect with and identify with. If you are struggling with any perinatal challenges listed above and do not relate to the term mother, and prefer the term: parent, we support this need and will not refer to you as a mother. We ask all our clients what term and pronoun they prefer to be addressed by.
  • Do Your Therapists Serve LGBTQIA+ Parents?
    Yes, we have therapists who are trained and have experience in serving this community of parents. 2SLGBTQQIA = Two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual humans. ASK Therapy is aware of the need to offer therapy to diverse communities of parents. We are also aware that there are specific challenges that 2SLGBTQIA parents can experience that differ from the cisgender population. Some of our therapists have specialized training in working with parents from the 2SLGBTQIA community, as well as, experience supporting clients in unconventional relationship styles. We have therapists in AB and Ontario who are prepared to support you. And, we are seeking to gather a list of therapists across Canada who specialize in serving the 2SLGBTQIA communities.
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