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Shining a Light on
Your Reproductive Grief


No More Hiding or Feeling Alone

Reproductive grief is a horrendous experience that is typically ignored or devalued socially. Generally speaking, most people are uncomfortable with grief and can't support you in the ways you need to be supported.

Hi, this is Jennifer, the founder and Chief Empathy Officer of ASK Therapy for Moms.


I want to personally take a moment to acknowledge the brave step you just took by taking this self-assessment as a first step towards mental and emotional wellbeing.

Let's unpack your results...


First, let's acknowledge that your grief is real and necessary. 


Your result indicate that you are experiencing reproductive grief due to the difficulties you have had to endure. What this tells you is that the stressful material from your grief – memories, sensations, emotions, and thoughts – is trapped within your body, heart, and mind system and it has not had the chance to be metabolized, digested, sorted, and resolved. Grief is overwhelming and all consuming.


Healing from a loss requires a special kind of therapeutic support and attention that seeks to validate your experience, help you make sense out of the grief, and learn how to move through the grief so you can emerge back into the outside world. Grief creates a cocoon-like experience; often you feel disconnected from society at large. It can be hard to engage with others in 'normal' ways. 


Although we all experience grief differently, there are some patterns that present and as grief counselling therapists we can help you move through the stages of grief.


The challenge is that many of us do not know how to move through the grief without imploding, exploding, shutting down, or popping out because we were not shown how. And so, we feel trapped in the overwhelming sensations, emotions, and stressful thoughts.


What all of this is telling you is that your system is overwhelmed with unresolved grief and it needs your kind attention so that you can restore it back to a state of health and wellness.


Our team of therapists hold a deep belief in the capacity to heal the nervous system which includes your brain, body, mind, and heart. Health occurs when we can shift our system into a place of coherence - a harmonious rhythm of communication between your brain, heart, body, and relationships.


With a special focus on grief counselling, our team of therapists can help you move through this phase of your healing. Sometimes just having a kind compassionate person to hold your grief is enough to move some of the clouds that are weighing on your heart.


Over the next few days you will receive more pieces of inspiration and goodness about healing from grief in your inbox (be sure to check your junk mail). 

However, if you are not ready to schedule a therapy session, you can begin today by learning some foundational skills that will support your body, heart, and mind for deeper healing. This program, although not specific to your grief needs, will help you get started and learn some valuable emotional regulation skills that can help you process your grief. 

Please note - This assessment and report is not to be used as medical advice. If you are suicidal or at risk of harm, experiencing severe mental distress, or in an abusive or harmful environment please reach out to your local mental health line or hospital immediately. 


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