The Chances Are You Didn't Expect Motherhood Would Be This Hard. And Most Likely You Were Not Prepared For (THIS) ...

Many mothers are told that they shouldn't be feeling what they are feeling. No wonder you might be feeling confused, frustrated, ashamed or unsupported. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?
"My Body Has Failed Me"
Resulting in distrust and despair
"I'm Going to Mess Up My Kids"
Resulting in mom shame and guilt
"I Can't Handle This!"
Resulting in fear and inadequacy
We Help You Shine Bright For Your Family
A healthy mom is central to the health of the family.

We know that the journey of motherhood is already hard enough as it is. But it's extra hard when there are additional and unexpected stressors. We want you to feel heard and validated. We don't stop there, we help you move beyond the struggle so that you can step into your role as the mom you were meant to be.

Every Mom Wants to Be The Best Mom Possible.

Let's remove the clouds caused by the unexpected challenges of motherhood so that your true light can shine through.
Gain clarity into your unique challenges.
Feel more connected to your partner and kids.
Increase your confidence in your role as a mother.
We Are A Group of Therapists Who Are Passionate About Perinatal Mental Health

Our team is childbirth, trauma, and nervous system informed. We are striving to close the gap between the childbearing continuum and maternal mental health. We understand that your experience of becoming a mother, impacts the experience of being a mother. 

Our therapists are mentored by perinatal mental health expert Jennifer Summerfeldt, who is the author of Healing After Birth: Navigating Your Emotions After A Difficult Childbirth. Jennifer's work is informed by her lived experience as a student of direct-entry midwifery and an apprentice, doula, childbirth educator and trauma-informed therapist.

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What Some Client's Have Said

I Preferred The Phone!
I have been absolutely amazed by how much more I prefer phone sessions. I feel as much support as I did in person. Possibly more, because the isn't the distraction of being in-person. 
I Felt Heard!
Her presence is palpable over the phone and she did a phenomenal job at bringing me into the moment; then it was a straight arrow right into the heart of my messy matter.
I Felt Supported!
As a Muslim woman, it has meant a lot to me to find a therapist whose modalities and methdologies do not contradict or negate my religious journey in any way.
Comfort in Words!
It’s life changing. Your words and your journey have the capacity to help others heal and become free.

Start Shining Your Light

This is how we guide you out of the dark.
2. Identify Your Stressors
Understand why you struggle and what to do about it.
3. Get Your Plan
Start feeling better with a customized road map in hand.
Your Feelings About Motherhood Matter!
You probably know that your feelings shouldn't be ignored but are you afraid that if you fully feel you will lose control or fall apart?

Identifying and be-friending your Feeling-Type (hint: there are six) is the first step towards becoming emotionally and mentally balanced. Knowing your Feeling-Type can help you handle the challenges and stressors of motherhood. To get started download our Feeling-Type Guide now.  

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Stop Staying Stuck in The Struggle!

Let's clear the clouds that are preventing you from enjoying motherhood.
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