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Perinatal Mental Health Training Program

Summer 2023

Who Are We

What To Expect + Who is it For?

Are you a counselling student, therapist, or coach who has a passion to specialize in perinatal mental health? If yes, this program is designed with you in mind and is the first of its kind. Offering cutting-edge instruction that will help you embody the knowledge and skills required to serve the perinatal population from a childbirth, trauma, and nervous system informed paradigm.

With over 20 years of experience and deep study within the fields of childbirth, trauma recovery and healing, including a specialized focus on perinatal mental health over the past 8 years, Jennifer has developed a unique program that weaves together all this material into a comprehensive training and mentorship program for aspiring or experienced, perinatal mental health therapists and coaches.

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Missing for many therapists is a deep investigation into the world of childbirth including politics, history, paradigms, influencers, and factors that contribute to the rise in birth trauma.

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Nervous System Approach

We have entered a new era within the field of psychology, one that is both trauma and nervous system informed. Through this lens we can shift away from a traditional diagnostic approach towards an embodied method of recovery.

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UniqueTherapy Map

Through this unique step-by-step therapeutic map you can begin to facilitate a therapeutic process that offers a beginning, middle, and end that is both holistic and client centred, helping both of you point towards their 'True North'. 

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