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Become a Nervous System Informed Mom

Learn the skills to lead with your nervous system to connect more deeply with your loved ones!
Are You Under the Spell of The Supermom?
Is the dream that you had in your head about what it would be like to be a mother not quite a match to the experience you are actually having?

Too often mother’s feel like they are falling short based on their own or society's expectations of what it “should” look like to raise a child, cook a meal or tend to a home. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and alone in your emotions. You might even feel guilty and ashamed for feeling those 'negative' emotions. Many moms worry about how those emotions are impacting their baby or child. You are not a bad parent for feeling those unwelcomed emotions. You are not alone!

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Meet Your Guide!
You are in good hands...

Jennifer Summerfeldt, author of Healing After Birth and Midwifery For the Soul, has been working directly with mothers and families for over two decades. She has worn many hats: Childbirth Educator, Doula, Apprenticing Midwife, Childbirth Advocate, Author, Group Facilitator, Psychotherapist, and Coach. Motherhood can be full of challenges, especially during these extra challenging times. Jennifer brings her expertise and her heart to the group environment. You will feel heard, seen, and validated by Jennifer. To learn more about Jennifer CLICK HERE

We Want to Help You Take Good Care Of Yourself
So that you can take good care of your child!

You already know this, but the big question is how; especially when you are overwhelmed by this new role. 

You are also not alone if you struggle with feeling selfless one day and then selfish the next.  It’s natural to feel totally connected and in love with your baby one moment and then the next, feel desperate for personal space and feel as though you are going to snap! While juggling the demands of motherhood might be a lot harder than you thought it would be, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

We Help You Learn How To Support Your Nervous System, So That You Can Support Your Child's System
At ASK Therapy we know that you want to be the best mom you can be.

We have never met a mom who doesn't have this drive, no matter how much they are struggling.

To make this happen it helps to learn new skills and unlearn that which no longer serves you in this mission. The problem is that sometimes you lose control and feel like you just can’t “get it together”, which makes things feel hopeless and overwhelming.We believe that you shouldn’t have to do this on your own. We understand that it takes a village and that as a mother you need to be supported first, before you can help your child thrive. That’s why we offer the Mindful Motherhood Musing virtual circle -  so that you can get the connection you want, while learning the parenting skills you need.

The Program At A Glance
This 8 week online program includes a stand alone psycho-educational session each week

C.A.L.M - Can Anyone Leave Me (Alone)

Session one

Discussion around feelings of frustration and stress that can often occur during parenting. 

Mindfulness - Name It To Tame It

Session two 

Discussion about how to integrate mindfulness into day-to-day life to help minimize feeling of distress and anger.

Integration - Key to Mental Health

Session three 

Learn about coherence and integration as key factors in mental health.

Emotional Regulation - I’ll Do Better Tomorrow

Session four 

There are many days when we all act less than ideal (and that’s okay) and then there are some days where we act even lower than what we deem acceptable for ourselves. 


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SLEEP > Somehow Less Energy Enhances Poor Decisions

Session five 

This week focuses on the importance of parents prioritizing sleep and rest for themselves, and tools that can assist.

Repeating the Mistakes of the Past > Oh No I sound Like My Mother 

Session six 

We sometimes find ourselves repeating the patterns of our parents even though we have said we would never do with our own children-but here we are!

Shame and Guilt > Let's Stop the Blame Train

Session seven 

Feelings of shame and guilt are woven throughout the perinatal experience, let's stop this cycle.

Self-Compassion > Turn the Love Inwards

Session eigth

This final session focuses on cultivating self-compassion while parenting and reflecting on the skills developed during the previous 7 sessions.

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Here Is How It Works...

Step One > Register online (click link below) choose between Tuesday day or Thursday evening option

Step Two > One of our staff therapists will follow up with you via email

Step Three > You will be charged $197 for the entire 8-week series and you can use your receipt for benefit claims (if applicable)

Step Four > Join the class live in our virtual zoom meeting space

Step Five > Engage with other moms and learn new skills

We’ve created a safe place where you can get away and connect virtually with other mothers who feel similar to the way you do!

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It Takes A Village to Raise A Child
Join us to share your experience, hear the stories of other mothers, learn some new skills, and gain a fresh perspective!

Feel connected to a community.

Grow as a mother.

Gain confidence in your role as a mother.

Stop staying stuck in the struggle and worried about failing your child. Start making progress on your parenting path now! You don’t have to do this alone.

Let’s do it together!

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Your Feelings About Motherhood Matter!
You probably know that your feelings shouldn't be ignored but are you afraid that if you fully feel you will lose control or fall apart?

Identifying and be-friending your Feeling-Type (hint: there are six) is the first step towards becoming emotionally and mentally balanced. Knowing your Feeling-Type can help you handle the challenges and stressors of motherhood. To get started download our Feeling-Type Guide now.  

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