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Copy Writer; Business Strategist

Besides over 20 years working in the natural health field, after a few years of Doula 'ing' and studying holistic midwifery, Sherry became a certified holistic nutritionist (RHN), GAPS practitioner and graduated with honours from both the Edison Institute of Nutrition and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. In 2014, she went on to become an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for 4 years where she discovered a love for teaching. Sherry is the founder of The Delish Diet where she helps people regain vitality in their life without the painful struggle of dieting. Sherry is our right hand lady. She helps with everything business behind the scenes of ASK Therapy and she works as our hormone and gut health specialist as a RHN. Aside from her professional credentials, Sherry is the single mother of her teenaged daughter and adult son.

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