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What We Believe!
These statements guide our work in the world.
  • We strive to bring trauma-informed care into the conversations pertaining to perinatal mental health and motherhood. 
  • We recognize that the birth experience impacts the postpartum experience and beyond. 
  • We believe that a healthy Mother is central to the health of the family unit. 
  • We want to shine the light on Motherhood as a valuable role in society and an identity to actively embrace. 
  • We believe that being a mother is both a noun and a verb.
  • We believe that every person's story of motherhood is uniquely theirs.
  • We believe that your journey of becoming a mother impacts your experience of being a mother.
  • We believe that reverence is a key aspect of the initiatory journey of motherhood.
What We Stand For
  • We recognize that historical oppression, racism, and unresolved trauma can negatively impact mothers
  • We understand that marginalized and vulnerable populations of women and people are at greater risk of childbirth trauma and perinatal mood disorders and that they have a harder time accessing mental health services
  • We recognize the devastating impact that colonization has had on our First Nations people and their birthing families
  • We seek to uphold, support, and encourage our Indigenous peoples’ traditional ways of tending to a pregnant woman’s and families needs
  • We strive to reduce the stigma associated with therapy, so as to inspire mothers to reach out for therapeutic support both preventatively and proactively
  • We understand that not all of our clients identify as a cisgender woman and thus, we strive to help them find a meaningful role as a mothering figure
  • We seek to understand perinatal mood disorders with a wider gaze taking into consideration many factors: historical trauma, colonization, conception, sexuality, gender identity, pregnancy, birth, feeding, postpartum, attachment and parenthood onwards

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